Another oldie but goodie. Hope you enjoy. Thanx in advance.

Thanx Dave!

We’ve all heard the saying, “life is what we make it.” To me that saying is subjective. It totally depends on who you ask. In other words, life is how we individually see it.


If you spend all day looking at gossip sites, watching reality shows, and being in everyone else’s business but your own… well, if you’re happy at the end of the day; that’s all that matters. However, if you’re unhappy then you need a change. You need to do what satisfies your soul.

If an individual can find an outlet that fundamentally distracts from everyday life, yet can still handle business, and that individual is happy — that’s all that matters.

A person will try to make one feel as though they should live how they live. Through their lens. One has to live for them. Everyones path is different, and that fact has been…

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