I see RED!



They say red is the color
of aggression/
Over looked/ left for dead
A violently expression

I can’t see the blatancy/
Misunderstood Yes/
I’ll holster my hostility

Pure as they come/
Yet your passed over for some/
Purity/ Wealth/ Life/
Doesn’t equal your fun

They see you when they’re mad/
You’re ignored when they’re glad/
Just like a black dad

I accept you in vain/
You’re inside my veins/
We hurt collectively/
I can feel YOUR pain!


We at thecouchsports.com want to thank everybody who has subscribed, followed, commented, viewed, acknowledged, hated, liked, loved, and taught. We reached 60 followers and althought that is a random, arbitrary number, I feel it represents us at thecouchsports.com out to Lady G (EGG NOG for president), It’s A Black Girl Thing, K’Lee L, Darryl Walker Jr, ronbrownx, ronbrownx mother, Mariewilliams53, T.Wayne, Skatsz, V., K E Garland, Eddiestarofficial (Lakers suck😆), Malakhai Jones, Blackwomaneluding, Blackgirldown, Tikeetha T, koolaidmoms (I’ve gained 5lbs because of your recipes), theebonytraveler, zwanjay, domaniquematthews, & Aka MaKenzye. Thank y’all for everything. It’s great to have extended family whom I’ve never met to interact with via the bloggasphere. Stay thirsty my friends.




  1. Now that’s what I call LOVE!!! Thanks for the shout out Tareau!!! Two things:
    1. You looking GOOD and representing Brah!
    2. I love that opening piece; very heartfelt!
    I really enjoy the blog. I especially enjoy bantering back and with you…even though you troll my blog with a random ‘egg nogg’ here and there! No matter, I love it!
    We are kindred spirits! You and Dave need to keep going with this 🙂
    Always peace, love and light to you!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Thanks for the shout out – I’m trying to use the right lingo here and not show my age. My daughter just told me what lmfao means and I’m still stunned. lol It’s been a pleasure supporting you Tar. I love that you read my poems and always leave great comments. Your poems and reflections on life are great to read and an insight into life as “an underrated black dad”, which in my eyes you are not. Great poem by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

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