Movie Review #14: Sleepless



Ok sooooooooooo. Sigh. Despite getting free popcorn and sneaking in my usual Mike and Ike’s, I was annoyed at this film. Let’s get right into it. Jaime Foxx stars as Vincent Downs. A divorcee, single father who is a cop for the Las Vegas Police Department. The movie starts off with a bang. A heist. Vincent Downs and his partner and best friend for 20 years Sean Cass (T.I.) are chasing down some guys and immediately starts shooting and ramming their cars. Cass had info on a “drop” containing 25 kilos of cocaine. They end up killing 2 guys and Downs takes a bullet to the face. (What bothered me is he just had a scratch where he was suppose to get shot at, like a knick or a graze).

Las Vegas PD is swarmed with dirty cops and it’s up to Internal Affairs Detective Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) and her partner Doug Dennison  (David Harbour) to clean it up. Bryants mission is to prove that Downs and Cass are dirty cops. Meanwhile Downs work has made him an absentee father. His ex wife Dina Smith (Gabrielle Union) who is a nurse, has no trust in Downs ability to co-parent, so she breaks the news to him that she is getting married to someone else. Downs is frustrated and he leaves Dinas work at the hospital with his son Cortez Downs (Markell Watson). En route too Cortezs game, they are ambushed, Downs is stabbed in the stomach and Cortez is kidnapped.

(So mind you he got stabbed on his left side and is sometimes holding his right side sigh)

Downs receives a mysterious phone call from Stanley Rubino (Dermot Mulroney) a casino manager at the Luxus casino that his men has his son, and that the shipment of cocaine he took was his very own. Frantically Downs goes back to his precinct and patches himself up, only to confront his partner Cass for putting his son’s life in danger. Cass claims he didn’t know who the drugs belonged too.

Meanwhile Downs goes to the casino for the exchange only to lose 23 bricks. He hid 23 bricks in the men’s room only to have Detective Bryant retrieve it. She calls her partner Dennison for assistance.

At this point of the movie I am bored. Like I started looking at the curtain patterns.

Ok anyways, it is revealed that the coke wasn’t Rubino‘s. It belonged to a mob family named the Novaks and they are the typical crime syndicate. Rob Novak (Scoot McNairy) is the spokesman/son of the Novak syndicate.

Long story short, Detective Dennison was the mastermind of all this and Jaime Foxx was really deep undercover for 2 years in Internal Affairs.

There I saved you 9o mins. Lmfao. This movie was so clichéd and Jaime Foxx stunk this movie up. He is not believable as a police officer and the chemistry between everyone was real herky jerky. No authenticity whatsoever. Movie gets a D-. 






  1. Wow, was this movie advertised well? I knew nothing about this. Man, I hate movies with the police in them…they always begin and end the same way. We need to have a moratorium on cop movies, especially after that Training Day nonsense lol. They should cut their losses and forget about the sequel smh

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    • Yea man, this movie was terrible. I think police movies will always have a market due to the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. People want to watch it from afar.

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  2. Okay okay okay. SO let me tell you my experience. I walked into this movie late so I was LOST as HECK after missing the entire showdown. I came in when Jamie was approaching Officer Bryant at some crime scene. But instantly, I was weary when they started laying on the cheesy scar jokes.

    “Pretty bad scar ya got there.”
    “Hmph. Yours ain’t that great either.” OR WHATEVER. You remember how lame it was.

    Jamie’s acting was horrible. Gabrielle Union playing such an insignificant role made me question why she was even in it. And the plot was highly predictable. I knew Dennison was sketchy the moment Officer Bryant called him to the club. OMG and the worst acting award goes to T.I. with the “pistol whipping Jaime” scene in the parking lot (toward the end). And the ending…what the hell kind of closure was that? Were Jaime and Gabrielle Union going to work it out or was she going to keep her engagement to this mystery man?

    Actually, maybe the kung-fu moves in the kitchen were the weakest part. So many to choose from…

    The best part of the movie to me was Jaime’s reaction to Gabrielle Union popping up at the garage with her own gun during the shoot out.

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    • Lmfao but what about how Jaime Foxx got stabbed in his left side but was seen holding the right side. His son was more savage than he was. I think Jaime and Gabrielle owed someone a favor to do this movie. Lmfao


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