The boys revenge. Daddy’s pettiness falters. Must watch video 

Once again, these little guys out witted their old man. Ok here’s what happened. Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I notice the Doritos were on sale. Unfortunately we had the Safeway select knock off Doritos. Now seeing that I hate wasting food, I tried to switch the chips hoping to trick the boys. Please watch the video below. Thank you for watching and storing by. And remember one of our famous quotes “Autistic or not (Click link)



  1. Dude. I couldn’t live with you. I am a prankster and I felt SO bad for laughing as hard as I did while you set this up. The entire time, I was in my head like “yes, yes, yes. This is going to be epic.” I would try that again if I were you – just wait until they ask for a snack!

    Lady G and the Dorito dust comment had me dying lmao, by the way. Love this! Keep being petty – forget what everyone else says lol

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    • Hahahahah naw it’s all fun over here ya know. If you can’t laugh at yourself than you can’t laugh at all. Shit had me in tears when I watched it. Rayquan face is priceless

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      • Hahahahahahahahaha we would have petty arguments all day long. Hahahahahhaha. I would buy some whoppers, knowing I don’t like them, get a big bag, and eat them in your face. Hahahah and the messed up part is you would be mad knowing I hate whoppers.

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      • lmfao okay! I would take all of your circulars and switch them with outdated ones, so you would look like an ass when you go to the grocery store! hahahaha. Also, do you know how to make your videos show up in your posts without having to provide the link to click?

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      • Oh it is on, no and no. You do not mess with my coupons nor bother me when the NBA finals are on. As far as video’s, you mean the YouTube videos?

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      • lmbo I can’t leave you alone during the NBA finals – basketball is the only sport I like! ESPECIALLY if Jimmy Butler is playing. You know he has my heart :D. And yes, I mean the YouTube videos. You always have links included in your posts. You know that you can have the video placed in your posts so that viewers can watch directly from your post?

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      • My poor lover :(. Well, at least I can help you with your videos lol. copy and paste the link into the HTML tab instead of the Visual tab that you usually post it in. The tab is connected to the Text Editing tools under the Title field. Let me know if you were able to locate it. If not, I’ll send you a screenshot ;D


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